Individual Project

Data Visualization


Mar.'20 - May.'20


Python, MySQL, JavaScript


Matt Miller


There is a common situation that in movies, female are more frequently to be set as secondary characters. The existing movie dataset shows that the percentage of women speaking characters is far less than men, similar situation as directors, writers, and producers. I want to make comparative visualization to give people more intuitive information.

Raise the public attention of gender bias and awareness in the movie production field.

Bechdel Test

The Bechdel test is a ruleset used to measure the representation of female characters in a work of fiction. A work passes the test under the conditions that:

  • Two female characters [with names]
  • Hold a conversation with each other
  • Involve about anything other than a man

  • Through the API provided on Bechdel test site, I collected the dataset of how many rules a movie passed, as well as the time of publication and IMBD ID number. Then I matched the ID number with the data retrived from The Movie Database (TMDb) API to gather more detailed movie information.

    Data Visualization